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Panoramas from South Tyrol


South Tyrol offers amazing impressions not only from the ground but also if you make your way up to the mountains. Enclosed some of the best shots from our hiking holiday.

Germany panorama gallery


It's time to give you an inside of the beautiful hiking regions we have in Germany. You will find the best shots of all the hikes in this category. I hopes this will invite the one or the other to visit those places by themselve.

Back again


I returned safely from my trip and now I have a hard time looking through all this pictures that remember me about an awesome time! Also the project was finished sucessfully - well, that's how it has to be! Soon I will provide you with the latest photos from Mexico and the New York for New Year's Eve. Come back soon!

Btw: For all of you who'd like to train their Italian, Gianluca - a colleague of mine - wrote a blog about the time more spirited. Find the link below

Introducing the California Blog


Due to a business purpose I'm currently writing from the other side of the earth and I found my residence for the next six month in Mountain View, California. There are a lot of new things to see and to write about and so the frequency of postings might be slightly higher than normally. For the time I'll be here I will post in the blog linked below, this makes it easier for me and will allow you to post comments directly for a specific post. Furthermore you find links to the California gallery and new panorama pictures. Stay tuned!

Outlet shopping in Metzingen


no text :)

Short trip to Spain


After I was unfortunately not able to travel to Brazil as it was planned the last year, I did another try to visit Marta this time in Spain... and now successfully!! *jaehh* So beside Barcelona we also visited the Fallas

Para todos que he encontrado:

We returned safely


The last Saturday the trip began - shortly after eight the passengers were boarded and while heading towards the different locations they were served with some finger foods. Some of the things disappeared faster than we expected, I wasn't able to get some chocolate as there must have been some ants... Well, no complains at all and for us the party was a great success!

Thanks everyone who joined us and especially those that were dressed and also thanks a lot for all the great presents we received - it was a great pleasure to see what you worked out!

Micha und Sindy

P.S.: Some of you asked us regarding the food we prepared. Find those recipes enclosed to the flight schedule. We hope you enjoy it!
[Update 02.03.] - Brüderchen's pictures added to gallery

Around the world in one night


As mentioned in the invitation the big journey starts on the 23rd of February for those that received the mail. Enjoy some finger food and drinks from several regions. If you'd like to join us, just give us a short note. All the information you need can be found following the link below - therefore you have to enter the pass code given in the invitation you received.
We are looking forward to see you!!!

Please do not forget to wear some special clothes!!!

Skiing in Ischgl (Austria)


There are new pictures available of our long weekend in Ischgl with skiing all day long. Because of some problem during upload of the corresponding videos those got lost - unfortunately ;). Have fun!

All the best for the new year


So there is the end of another year and I hope all of you can call it fulfilled and successful! To let the new year start as the previous ended celebrate accordingly this night, as you should now this is the last chance for this year! ;)

It would be a pleasure to me if you will visit this page once more within the next year. From time to time I will update the content - there is already something in the box it only needs some time open the lid.

Michael Bernhardt

Hurry up guy before...


Silvermind in a new dress


There it is - the new design! Well, it took some time anyway now this page will provide all the stuff you were never looking for and will never need in your life. Beside a gallery with photos from vacation I will upload some stuff I tried just because there were some minutes left.

This page was never created as a blog but will inform you about changes or new content. As there is always a page reserved in the guest book especially for you an entry is highly appreciated :)